Providing proper or optimal care for your discus fish involves not only feeding and maintaining the proper aquarium environment. You are also responsible for providing quality health-care for your discus fish as well. In other words, you are not only the care giver, you are also the health-care provider for your fish. Therefore, you should be able to detect signs of discus fish diseases or illnesses and be able to apply the right treatment or proper interventions for each illness.

To be a successful discus fish breeder or keeper it’s very important that you learn all there is know about caring for discus fish overall. If you are about to take home discus fish for the first time, there are noticeable signs in both their appearance and behavior that suggest your discus fish are either healthy or ill. Below are a few signs that will help you to detect discus fish diseases or to determine your discus fish overall health condition.


Five Things To Know About Healthy Aquarium Discus Fish

1.Eyes are usually clear

2.Their colors are usually bright

3.Coloring are always even

4.Usually they have Healthy Appetites

5.Most of the time they have a clean appearance


Eight Signs of Aquarium Discus Fish Illnesses

1.Loss of Appetite

2.Erratic Swimming

3.Spot or fungus on body or mouth

4.Frayed fins

5.Labored breathing

6.dwelling near the surface, filters, or aeration devices

7.white spots

8.scratching on fixed objects

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