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The nitrogen-containing amino(NH2) is strong smelling alkaline ingredient, often used in most cleaning solutions. Ammonia is very toxic to all organisms’ cells including your aquarium discus, even at low concentrations. Therefore, your discus fish must get rid of it quickly.

Usually, removing nitrogenous waste is not a serious problem for fish living in a much larger aquatic environment such as a pond, river, ocean etc. because they can easily dump it into the much larger surrounding water where it gets diluted so much that it becomes nontoxic. However, for fishes living in captives, such as your aquarium discus this is not the case, since the aquarium environment is much smaller.

Repeated dumping of ammonia acid by your discus, especially in water of a small aquarium will not be a diluted sufficiently to become nontoxic. This is also one very important reason why you should not overcrowd your fish tank. Finally, it is the duty of the discus keepers or breeders to safeguard their aquarium discus against this poisonous ammonia, with frequent water maintenance and or treatment if necessary.

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