There are some chemical substances that contribute to the growth of fish tank algae. Some of these we directly introduced in our aquaria, while others are just naturally found in some water source. One of such chemical substances that is often found in aquaria, is phosphate.

Although phosphate is naturally present in some water source it is critical that we try to maintain just the right level. Every time you feed your discus fish, you introduce nutrients into the aquarium which in turn add even more phosphate to the water.

Excess nutrients including Phosphate is known to feed algae. Despite the fact that the presence of fish tank algae is a normal part of keeping an aquarium, when nutrient levels are too high this triggers rapid algae growth. Aggressive algae growth is a good sign that your aquarium environment is not being properly maintained.

Although regular water changes help remove and dilute high concentrations of nutrients, aggressive water changes would be too stressful to aquarium inhabitants, for this reason, you should consider an alternative method to further remove excess nutrients. Chemical filter media, such as PhosBan, can play an important role in addressing this problem.

High phosphate levels indicate poor aquarium water quality. However, Phosphate Control Media offers a convenient solution to effective phosphate removal. Ban Phosphate has shown to prevent negative effects associated with high phosphate levels, such as diseases, illnesses or even death of your discus fish.

PhosBan safely keeps phosphate levels low in freshwater and saltwater (including reef) aquaria for several months. This filter is a super adsorbent media that effectively binds large amounts of phosphate, organic compounds, and other pollutants, thus preventing algae from using these nutrients to thrive which ultimately helps to control algae outbreaks.

Phosban Reactor


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