According to fish experts, healthy fish rarely get sick, even when they are exposed to other infected fish unknowingly introduced into the aquarium. As far as your aquarium discus are concerned, you can easily improve your discus’ health and reduce Discus fish diseases and illnesses if you setup your aquarium and water parameter correctly, provide routine maintenance, good nutrition, and minimize aggression among inhabitants.

It is recommended that you keep your discus healthy in a stress-free environment as this is the best prevention against illnesses, parasites or discus fish diseases. Avoid overcrowding discus tank as this is one major cause of stress and discus fish diseases. The Recommended Discus Tank Size is 30 gallon minimum, preferably tall aquaria. The suggested water temperature is 80F – 84F degrees.

As far as compatible tank mates are concerned, the suggestion is that, it is usually best to keep them in a species only tank, because of the immaculate water conditions they require, when compared to other tropical fish. This also helps to minimize aggression. Although, Cardinal tetra, Corydoras, and Cory Cat are occasionally kept in tanks with them, it’s best not to tank- mate them with other fish that are unable to tolerate the water temperature that’s ideal for Discus. This could cause these other species to become ill or die, consequently contaminating the entire aquarium environment.


Product You May Want to Consider
API FreshWater Master Test Kit
This Kit –presently one of Amazon’s bestsellers in the Pet Fish and aquatic category — is a complete kit for testing aquarium water. It comes with 4 test tubes and a tray, and can test water 6 different ways to protect tropical fish from dangerous water conditions. Remember, you need to make sure your water perimeter is correct. The following are some of the tests that can be done with this Master Tester:

  • Freshwater pH
  • Ammonia level
  • Nitrite level
  • High range pH
  • Nitrate level

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