According to fish experts, healthy fish rarely get sick, even when they are exposed to other infected fish unknowingly introduced into the aquarium. As far as your aquarium discus are concerned, you can easily improve your discus’ health and reduce Discus fish diseases and illnesses if you setup your aquarium and water parameter correctly, provide [...]


No doubt, adding natural plants to your aquarium can add a spark of beauty to your fish tank and also provides your fish with the ideal habitat that will allow them to hideout from time to time. There are also many other benefits of having aquarium plants. However, if you are just a beginner, have [...]


The pH scale is a logarithmic one that is used to express the acidity of a solution. It runs from 0-14. The acid portion of the scale runs from 0-6.9 and the basic portion runs form 7.1 -14. A pH of 7.0 is exactly neutral. Each unit on the pH represents ten fold difference in [...]


Just like us human-beings, it is also possible for your fish to suddenly experience some form of life-threatening illnesses or fish diseases which may require immediate medical attention. If we are well prepared, we can save the life of a fish or the lives of an entire school. However, if we aren’t adequately prepared, we [...]


Non-Prescription Aquarium Antibiotics can help to restore your fish health. There are several non-prescription antibacterial medications that can be used to fight bacterial infections in your discus fish; they are manufactured specifically for this purpose. These special antibiotics work well in combating harmful microbes that cause certain diseases in fish. Over the years, penicillins have [...]


There are some chemical substances that contribute to the growth of fish tank algae. Some of these we directly introduced in our aquaria, while others are just naturally found in some water source. One of such chemical substances that is often found in aquaria, is phosphate. Although phosphate is naturally present in some water source [...]

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The nitrogen-containing amino(NH2) is strong smelling alkaline ingredient, often used in most cleaning solutions. Ammonia is very toxic to all organisms’ cells including your aquarium discus, even at low concentrations. Therefore, your discus fish must get rid of it quickly. Usually, removing nitrogenous waste is not a serious problem for fish living in a much [...]


Providing proper or optimal care for your discus fish involves not only feeding and maintaining the proper aquarium environment. You are also responsible for providing quality health-care for your discus fish as well. In other words, you are not only the care giver, you are also the health-care provider for your fish. Therefore, you should [...]


OVERFEEDING Be careful not to overfeed your fish. Depending on the type or amount of food, excess or uneaten food is known to be the most common cause of potential ammonia spikes. It is important to know that the ammonia levels can increase to toxic levels, if the amount of organic material buildup surpasses the [...]


With proper tank setup and maintenance, you can easily address some of the most common known causes of discus fish diseases. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance that you learn as much as you can about proper tank setup and maintenance, if you want your discus fish to live a long and healthy life. Alkalic and [...]