short-order-cook Boy, I guess Winston really learned his lesson well! After the death of his poor little fellows — which of course he agreed that he was to be blamed — he learned that  because life is so unpredictable, we should always be prepared for the worst!  So just like we take the initiatives to invest in medical insurance, home medical emergency first aid kits for ourselves and families in case of a sudden destruction, we should do the same for our dear pets. After-all, technically speaking, they are indeed  members of  our families. For this reason, he strongly suggest that you should at least have the following tools and emergency first aid kits in your possession at all times.

Quick Start Medication
Why? Better to be safe than sorry — like I was! When setting up a fish tank for the very first time or even adding fish, you not only have to establish the proper pH, treat water to remove chlorine, have an effective filter in place, you also have to wait for days or even weeks before adding fish to it. However, with Quick Start, you don’t have to wait, as it starts the biological filtration process instantaneously. This product contains a live nitrifying bacteria that immediately converts ammonia (which is very lethal to fish) into harmless nitrates.

Programmable Fish Feeder
Why? Chances are that you might be living alone and may have to leave home for a while, due to an emergency. In fact, it’s great to have in your possession for everyday use whether you are home or away. It’s very easy to set up, and uses and a very easy start guide, which is also included during shipment. Just program it, sit back and relax, or go about your business, and let it feed your fish everyday. Another great feature of this Automatic Feeder is an integrated fan and ventilation system which keeps the food dry. No doubt, this Programmable Fish Feeder offers a convenient and worry-free method of feeding healthy fish.

Freshwater Master Kit
Why?This Kit can perform over 800 tests. It comes with laminated color card, 4 test tubes, and a holding tray.
An instruction booklet on how to correct unsafe water conditions is also included.

Why? This works great in both freshwater and saltwater tanks. It does an excellent job in treating Ick, Flukes, Anchor Worms and other parasites in fish. It works for over one month, and will not discolor water or interfere with  biological filter.


Please Note that these are just a few of the emergency supplies I consider most important, whether you already have pet fish or is about to care for any pet fish for the very first time. As you begin to read these blog articles, you will be provided with more in-depth information which will hopefully convince you that these above recommendations are indeed extremely important! You will also see other products that are highly recommended.


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