Non-Prescription Aquarium Antibiotics can help to restore your fish health. There are several non-prescription antibacterial medications that can be used to fight bacterial infections in your discus fish; they are manufactured specifically for this purpose. These special antibiotics work well in combating harmful microbes that cause certain diseases in fish. Over the years, penicillins have [...]

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The nitrogen-containing amino(NH2) is strong smelling alkaline ingredient, often used in most cleaning solutions. Ammonia is very toxic to all organisms’ cells including your aquarium discus, even at low concentrations. Therefore, your discus fish must get rid of it quickly. Usually, removing nitrogenous waste is not a serious problem for fish living in a much [...]


Providing proper or optimal care for your discus fish involves not only feeding and maintaining the proper aquarium environment. You are also responsible for providing quality health-care for your discus fish as well. In other words, you are not only the care giver, you are also the health-care provider for your fish. Therefore, you should [...]