The pH scale is a logarithmic one that is used to express the acidity of a solution. It runs from 0-14. The acid portion of the scale runs from 0-6.9 and the basic portion runs form 7.1 -14. A pH of 7.0 is exactly neutral. Each unit on the pH represents ten fold difference in [...]


Just like us human-beings, it is also possible for your fish to suddenly experience some form of life-threatening illnesses or fish diseases which may require immediate medical attention. If we are well prepared, we can save the life of a fish or the lives of an entire school. However, if we aren’t adequately prepared, we [...]


Providing proper or optimal care for your discus fish involves not only feeding and maintaining the proper aquarium environment. You are also responsible for providing quality health-care for your discus fish as well. In other words, you are not only the care giver, you are also the health-care provider for your fish. Therefore, you should [...]